Applying Micro Loop Hair and 18 Inch Hair Extensions

Hair is every woman’s crowning glory. Unfortunately not everyone is blessed with shiny, straight, long hair. Having long hair can take months, but this time it’s now possible to have longer hair in a matter of minutes. Micro loop hair extensions are one of the better curl extension options. You can forget about complicated sewing or messy glue application. A lot of hair salons choose to use micro loop extensions because they are easier to install and are very lightweight. Using this type of extensions also avoid damage to your own hair.

Other forms of hair additions can damage curl because of the constant pulling and stress involved in removing them. Micro hair additions help keeps your own hair healthy and vibrant by avoiding all these dangerous removal methods.

Applying this kind of hair extensions is easy, and here are the steps on how to do it

Clean Your Hair Thoroughly

If you have your 18 inch hair extensions with you, you don’t just install them right away. Before doing any of that you have to make sure that your curls is clean and dry, this makes it easier to install and since micro loop additions can last for a while on your head, it’s important to start out with a clean, dry scalp. Just like how you clean your curls, use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and lather scalp thoroughly. Rinse off all the soap and suds and dry hair completely before you start placing the extensions on your head.

Sewing the Micro Loop Extensions

Unlike other types of hair extensions, micro loop only require a simple easy way of sewing the hair in. Some people might opt to choose an 18 inch extension compared to 18 inch micro loop additions because clip ins are extremely easy to apply. But the problem with clip ins is that they can accidentally fall off, and you don’t want that to happen.

To place in the extensions, first divide the hair into workable sections and push the pulling needle through the micro ring tubes. Start with one small section of the curls extensions; slide it all the way through the micro ring tube. Get a portion of your own curls and insert it also into the micro ring tube. With the help of a closer iron tool, flatten the micro ring and this helps seal the micro tube and attaches the curl additions into the real hair.

Style Your Hair as Desired

Make sure to cover up all the micro rings and start curling or straightening the curls as desired. Make it blend well with your natural curls, this way no one will ever notice that you are wearing hair extensions.