Hair Extensions in Purple

There’s no denying that there’s something distinctive about the color purple. Through the ages, this mysterious color has been associated with nobility as well as with spirituality and the kings of Europe, in the medieval ages, only dressed in purple. Common people were not allowed to put on clothes of this color. Even today, when a lady in purple walks into a room, she grabs everybody’s attention, perhaps because what she’s wearing is an intriguing amalgam of cool blue and hot red. It’s not the clothes alone that demand attention but purple colored jewellery also and nowadays, highlights of purple running through your hair.

You’ve got to ask yourself – do I dare? Because introducing such an unconventional color into your hair will surely raise eyebrows amongst your more orthodox friends and relatives. But if you can overcome the initial hesitation, a color such as purple can do wonders for your personality. You will be transformed into a trendy and glamorous woman who dares to be different. And the remarkable aspect of this is that there are a large number of differing shades to choose from. Pick ladylike lavender or lovely lilac or magical mauve according to your taste and, more importantly, according to suitability, and introduce it into your hair. What you have to take into account when choosing the correct hue of purple is the natural color of your hair, the color of your eyes and your skin tone.

You are probably wondering how to bring about this transformation. Do you put on a wig or dye all your hair? Our suggestion would be to use a purple hair extension to put in as much additional hair as you consider ideal. A full wig of purple hair could be impractical at times and dyed hair slowly loses its gloss and natural look after a few washes. Hair extensions, on the other hand, maintains the sheen in your additional hair for a far longer period. It is a process which enables you to attach additional purple (or whatever other color you choose to use) hair to your own so that the required effect is achieved and your hairdo becomes more full-bodied.

There are several different types of hair extension methods. One is the clip-on variety where the additional hair is clipped on to a woman’s own hair. The benefit of this procedure is that she can take off the hair extensions without too much trouble whenever she wants to. A second method, the “weaved” variety, entails actually sewing the hair extensions into a person’s natural hair. And finally, there is a method by which the additional hair is attached to the ladies’ own hair by means of some adhesive substance.

Whichever method you choose, the ultimate effect of the Purple Hair Extensions will be that you will have a hairstyle that will be the cynosure of all eyes. You just have to have the dash and the daring to reinvent yourself.

How Eyelash Extensions Work

The eye beauty means a lot to a modern woman. All eyes are beautiful, of course, but if slightly enhanced, they can look even more attractive. While there are many ways to augment eye appearance, eyelash extensions seem to work best. They involve the process of lengthening the normal eyelash rather than implanting a new eyelid through a surgical procedure.

Since the surgical therapy is very expensive, most ordinary women and even some celebrities are opting for extensions. Unlike surgery, fixing extended lashes is not painful at all. A woman should select a normal beautician who can do the job well. During the procedure, she will lie down peacefully while the specialist works on her eyelids. It involves use of tweezers and a bonding agent to fix the synthetic fiber to the natural eyelash.

If you do not like how your natural eyes’ look, you should trying lengthening the eyelashes to see what everyone else thinks of your new look. Long, thicker, darker lashes are the hottest trend now, in regard to the beauty of the eye. Some ladies love creating a totally different look once in a while. As far as eyes, a woman can experiment with many different things, including a change of the lashes.

Now these aids come in more than one color including green and red. These are even visible than different kind of lenses. Many ladies prefer the black styles because they look normal and beautiful. One reason why many women are trying these is that they are versatile. The wearer can wear them for at least one month without changing her normal activities. For instance a lady can still swim with her perfectly bonded eyelash extensions.

When she is applying her makeup, the lady does not have to worry that her extension would come off. However, by the third week, the eyelid might have some gaps and that is a beauty flaw. Though unnoticeable, a woman should get a refill or a touch up to maintain a high level of elegance and beauty. Since the extension addition occurs on the existing eyelash, when it falls off naturally, the fake one goes as well.

Initially when ladies seek this beauty therapy, the cost of fixing extensions will range between two hundred dollars to five hundred dollars. Compared to the permanent implants that cost around three thousand dollars per eye, extended ones are cheaper. However, implantation surgery occurs just once while the extended lash needs regular maintenance. Each maintenance session could cost between thirty dollars to seventy-five dollars.

If a woman were to wear these beauty aids for life, she would obviously spend more money than she would if she opts for a surgical procedure now. The problem with the permanent process is the hefty rate, which is not payable by installments. While wearing the extension, you can wear lenses and eyeglasses without experiencing any vision problems. The manmade eyelash extensions are very safe and they cannot cause any hypersensitive reaction to the skin. Washing of the eyes is not allowed within an entire day of the application. As well, avoid rubbing the eyes or applying any oil-based cosmetics.

Make a Fashion Statement With Different Type of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions which became quite popular among women just a decade ago has never failed to make an impression. These are just addition of extra hair for various reasons which solve problems like hair fall and thinning of hair. Some love hair extensions because they make their hair thicker and offer full volume.

Different Techniques

Hair extensions can be integrated into your original hair using a number of techniques. This includes methods like sewing, tying and braiding, gluing and weaving. In addition to this more and more innovative techniques are being tried and implemented in salons. If you are going for a little different look you should consider trying out African American hair extensions. This particular type is very popular among men and women because it can be worn in different styles. It is readily available as wigs, single braid and clip-on extensions. African American hair expansions can be bought both online or in a hair salon and one can choose between synthetic and human curl additions. Synthetic is a little cheaper but compared to the real ones. Since human hair additions are from real donors, it is considered the best. Synthetic extensions work out to be a lot cheaper but taking care of it can be a big headache.

Extensions for Curly Hair do

Who doesn’t love curly hair? Some women are blessed with naturally curly tresses. With curly human hair expansions in the market, ladies who long for curly tresses can get it integrated with their real curl in no time. With clip in extensions, all one has to do is clip it where you want it. One has to carefully divide the hair before doing that since if it is positioned in the wrong place, it will look a little awkward or worse it could just come off when you brush your hair. You can also consider adding highlights or low
lights for a more stylish and cooler look.

Hair Extensions with Bonding Agents

Hair expansions that comes with a bonding agent applied at one tip is very common. Stick type expansions belong in that category. The only difference between a stick type and a normal type expansion is the way it is attached to your hair.When you get your extensions integrated in a salon; your hair stylist will attach the glued tip of the hair to your natural hair with a heat connector clamp which will look like a flat iron, but thinner. Micro loops and rings are also used to attach the extensions to your real hair. The glue which is used is the keratin glue considered to be the safest. When you want a new style and remove the existing extensions, it can be done using a keratin remover.